Do This One Thing To Improve Communication In Your Marriage

If there is one area of your marriage that can make or break your marriage, it is how well you communicate. If you can’t have a healthy, productive AND civil conversation with your spouse, every other area of your marriage seems to be messed up. But when you can go from bad to good in your communication, even the biggest challenges don’t stand a chance.

We have to admit this has been a thorn in our side for many years of our marriage. Even today, we aren’t the best in the world, but we are far from the worst. We are truly a work in progress.  And over the years we’ve learned a thing or two or three or more about communication. And of all the things we’ve learned, there is one thing that has caused the greatest improvement to the communication in our marriage.

In this episode of Keeping Couples Connected Through COVID-19, we share this one thing that, when consistently done, will drastically improve the communication in your marriage.

Here is what you’ll gain from this episode:

  • One thing that you want to happen every time you communicate with your spouse
  • Learn the juicy details of our most recent communication (like yesterday!) issue and how we overcame it
  • Learn the “one thing” and what it will practically look like in your marriage

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Question: How well do you do this one thing?

Wed. Apr 15, 2020

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