From Food Stamps to 8-Figures in Four Years

Building a Purpose-Filled and Highly Profitable Business

What happens when you move to a new city for a new job and that job falls through? And you have a baby on the way? Jamal and Natasha Miller share their purpose-driven story of going from food stamps, while six months pregnant, to an 8-figure business in four years. They’ve built multiple 7-figure brands using a repeatable framework, they call the Circle of Purpose.

In this interview we learn how they got started, the method Jamal learned and perfected which has led to amazing success in a very short period of time. The Millers also talk about purpose and mission and vision and how that has all played a big part in everything they’ve accomplished in their marriage, family, and business.

Are you ready? It’s time to have fun learning while listening to this amazing couple.

About Jamal & Natasha Miller

After Jamal & Natasha Miller got married after meeting on Facebook, their digital love story took the world by storm. Clearly recognizing the need for transformational content, to teach others how to do relationships God’s way, God gave them an idea for a brand…and together, they founded Miller Media Group, now the parent company to widely known online programs The One University, Profit in Purpose Academy, Leader School, and Everyday Seminary.

They have since been featured in Forbes, BET, JET magazine, and have been guests on a CBN segment — all with a mission to create and mobilize brands that herald God’s voice through all forms of media. With a powerhouse team of digital marketers, Miller Media Group reaches an online audience in the millions, and The One University has graduated over 7,000 students.

Here is the episode highlight reel:

  • [13:40] Natasha reveals how she thought online business was a hoax, but understanding her “why” helped her push past those doubts
  • [21:00] Natasha talks about how they had to learn each other in marriage and business at the same time and the growth was not on pace with each other
  • [24:52] Jamal shares how focusing on money too much lead to the lowest point he’d reached in his life, and how they shifted to overcome that
  • [33:00] How they’ve redefined their core values as a family, how roles have shifted over the years, and how the problems they now face continue to point them back to their vision
  • [50:15] Jamal reveals the 4-step Circle of Purpose which they’ve used to build and grow multiple 7-figure brands

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Tue. Apr 27, 2021

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