Creating Profitable Systems for Married Entrepreneurs

Married Entrepreneurs Helping Other Married Entrepreneurs

What happens when your identity is wrapped up in your job, but your spouse has been an entrepreneur their entire working life? O.L. and Sway Buckley share how they organically came together as married entrepreneurs to create systems to help other married entrepreneurs build multiple streams of income, without sacrificing their most important asset — their marriage.

In this interview we learn how one of them was forced to shift from the mindset of an employee to an entrepreneurial mindset. And the Buckleys share how they function while running multiple, yet separate businesses. Whether you run a business with your spouse, run separate businesses, or only one of you run a business, O.L. and Sway will show you how to do it well, how to be profitable, and how their systems help make it happen.

Are you ready? It’s time to have fun learning while listening to this amazing couple.

About O.L. & Sway Buckley

OL & Sway Buckley are Co-Creators of and the hosts of the Marriedpreneur Life podcast where they help mission-minded marriedpreneurs create momentum in life and business. The Buckleys are equipping couples with their proprietary processes to have accelerated productivity through the Marriedpreneur Method and increased profitability through the Marriedpreneur Map. Their primary purpose is to help married couples scale and create multiple revenue streams WITHOUT sacrificing their marriage (even if they don’t work in business together)..

Here is the episode highlight reel:

  • [5:30] Sway’s request of OL to leave the career which he said his identity was wrapped up on
  • [14:05] How the Marriedpreneur Life systems organically began to form
  • [19:55] The decision they made that helped them overcome the toxic normal they created, which was negatively impacting their marriage and business
  • [26:57] How to not sound like a weirdo when speaking the foreign language entrepreneurs speak (which our friends and family don’t always understand)
  • [40:15] OL talks about how to live surrendered and what that has done for him

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Tue. May 18, 2021

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