Welcome to The How We Built this (and Stayed Happily Married) Podcast

Why a podcast? And why this topic about being happily married and in business?

Welcome! In our first episode, we introduce ourselves and share why this podcast and this topic is important to us. A little hint — marriage can be tough and so can business. Put marriage and business together and it doesn’t get easier.

We’ve been fortunate to build something great and stay happily married. And we’ve learned a lot through our experiences, yet we realize we can always learn more and continue to grow.

Who is this podcast for?

If you’re an entrepreneur, married to an entrepreneur, in business with your spouse, in ministry together, are a church planter, or run a nonprofit or charitable organization, this podcast is for you! Each episode you’ll get a ton of value, enjoy a little bit of laughter, and receive uber inspiration in your entrepreneurial journey.

Listen to our conversation then get ready to jump right into the stories of couples who’ve built successful businesses and ministries, joining a community of power couples growing together in their marriages and businesses.

Each week on the podcast, Jackie and Stephana will sit down with a couple who has built a successful business, brand, or nonprofit, and are happily married. They’ll also interview couples who run impactful ministries or have planted churches.  Their stories will encourage and inspire you to take action. You’ll learn practical strategies to build a business that supports your marriage and grow a marriage that supports your business.

Are you ready? It’s time to take notes and take action. 

Here is the episode highlight reel:

  • [01:00] What to expect on the podcast
  • [03:24] We share the list of couples we’ve interviewed to kick things off
  • [05:08] What Stephana is most excited about the podcast
  • [13:45] Jackie’s first (of many) sports references on the podcast about how we should view our journey
  • [16:00] Stephana doing something couples in business must do — sharing some words of encouragement and affirmation for Jackie

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Tue. Mar 30, 2021

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