Leaving Corporate, Coming Together, and Creating a Global Brand

Starting a personal blog and becoming a global brand

Today on the podcast we have Lamar and Ronnie Tyler of Tyler New Media. The Tylers are a couple who left Corporate America, started a personal blog to share the positive examples of black marriages and families they knew existed, but weren’t being talked about, grew that blog into a profitable business through sponsorships, then began to create their own products and services based on what their customers wanted, which turned into a global brand with customers in 43 countries.

You don’t have to start on the same page

Although it seems like they had to be on the same page from day one, they were not. In their own words, that has been one of their biggest challenges and still something they work on. This conversation is like a masterclass on business, brand building, and taking your passion to build a lifestyle of freedom for your family and others.

Are you ready? It’s time to take notes and take action!

Here is the episode highlight reel:

  • [05:18] How Lamar’s rejected pitches at his corporate job lead to creating their own brand around their passion
  • [08:15] Ronnie shares how pivot shifted their revenue model from sponsors to their own products and services
  • [13:48] Ronnie & Lama share how they learned to work together after being on different pages about entrepreneurship
  • [34:05] Lamar breaks down how they determine which roles they’ll play respectively
  • [47:30] Lamar shares their documentary film creation process, which was self-funded, and done with a 3-person crew

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Tue. Mar 30, 2021

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