How to Successfully Live, Parent, and Build a Business Together

A farming family who’s just as good at digital business as they are at farming and family

How does a husband and wife with 8 kids support their family? They build a wildly successful business after moving to a farm in another state then integrate all aspects of their work and home lives together. Jim and PJ Jonas used digital marketing and a rock-solid belief in themselves to build an amazing business that they never intended to, and their kids are an integral part.

We met Jim and PJ several years ago and fell in love with them, their family, and their business savvy. We spent a few days hanging out with them on their farm and even got to witness the birth of one of the newborn goats on their farm (our daughter was actually the first person to feed the baby goat, named “Lampie”). You will love them, you will learn from them, and you will definitely be inspired by them.

Are you ready? It’s time to have fun learning while listening to this amazing couple.

About Jim & PJ Jonas

Jim & PJ are still madly in love after being married for 24 years. They have 8 children, currently aged 12 – 23, that they have homeschooled since birth. PJ started the family business, Goat Milk Stuff, in 2008 with the intention of being able to bring Jim home full-time. God met that goal in 2009 and Jim & PJ have been living, parenting, and working together since. All 8 children and a son-in-law work at Goat Milk Stuff which allows Jim & PJ to spend time coaching and speaking about the benefits and practicalities of running a family business.

Here is the episode highlight reel:

  • [08:55] PJ reveals the “youngest person rule” teaching their kids character development getting them involved in the business plus doing chores
  • [13:00] The belief that helped them overcome a huge hurdle in covering Jim’s salary so he can work in the business
  • [19:47] How their transparency through challenges has impacted their marriage and business and especially their kids
  • [32:55] The major pivot that removed some stress on their family and has PJ super excited
  • [39:05] Their #1 piece of advice for entrepreneurs today

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Tue. Apr 13, 2021

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