YouTube Couple Goes from Hiding in Walmart While Recording Vlogs to Starring in Walmart Commercials

Vlogging, YouTube and Instagram Brand Partnerships

How do you go from being so uncomfortable on camera that you’d literally hide while vlogging in Walmart when you thought people looked at you, to actually starring in Walmart’s commercials? Today on the podcast, Chad & Gabrielle Rader stop by to share how they got started, overcame their flip flopping introvert and extrovert tendencies to build a profitable and impactful social media influencer business.

Chad and Gabrielle, better known as Gabe and Babe from GabeBabeTV started vlogging as an outlet and have since grown a YouTube and Instagram following of over 500k. Building this highly engaged network of viewers, who they affectionately refer to as “the peeps,” has opened opportunities with some of the world’s largest brands and has led them to inspire people in ways they never imagined.

Are you ready? It’s time to have fun learning while listening to this amazing couple.

Here is the episode highlight reel:

  • [07:30] How Chad would handle people watching him blog in Walmart
  • [12:33] How securing a Walmart partnership helped them shift from part-time to full-time on the heels of a job loss
  • [16:00] Who does what in their business, how their strength and roles play out
  • [26:37] How their weekly podcast impacts their marriage and what happens happens when they have disagreements, but still have videos to shoot
  • [31:12] How Chad saw a game-changing shift and pivot to focusing on Instagram which now makes up 70-80% of that brand partnerships

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Tue. Apr 6, 2021

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