How Introvert and Extrovert Married People Found Their Lanes Working and Speaking Together

When Married People say “yes” to speaking together

Today on the podcast we have Ted and Nancie Lowe of Married People. The Lowes are a couple who started working and speaking together to help out a friend at church. That opened the door to speak at churches and large marriage conferences across the country. The initially thought, “this is awesome! let’s do it!” before they discovered it wasn’t always as fun as they thought it would be. Once they said “yes” that’s when the backstage arguments started and the struggle to believe the were made for this.

How Married People work together well despite being polar opposites?

If anyone tells you you can (or should) change your spouse, run the other way. It can’t and shouldn’t be done. Ted and Nancie learned this through speaking iin front of hundreds of couples at large marriage conferences. Instead of trying to force one to be like the other, or just be “better,” they found their lanes and used their own strengths and personalities to put on dynamic, super funny, and impactful events for couples at churches across the country. You’ll love their story! You’ll laugh, learn, and laugh a lot more.

Are you ready? It’s time to have fun learning while listening to this amazing couple.

Here is the episode highlight reel:

  • [04:45] How we met Ted and Nancie while on a double date with Jackie’s parents
  • [12:33] Where Ted messed up the most and caused the most tension while “helping” Nancie improve her performance on stage, only to eventually be embrace it
  • [13:48] The revelation their event green room fights brought about that Ted always goes back to
  • [23:38] The tension Ted had with integrity vs. perfectionism that he’s still growing through
  • [27:50] How Ted and Nancie figured out their lanes when speaking and working together and made sure they valued each other’s unique differences

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Tue. Apr 6, 2021

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